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We run all kinds of services in form of Information & Technologies

IT Consultant

We will help you to turn your business ideas into the best application products.

Startup Incubator

We develop a Dream Team that can create products with the aim of improving the welfare of Indonesia.

Training Center

Helping the development of human resources to be able to compete in the digital era.

SaaS Products

We develop a wide range of software as a service in supply chain, and customer relations to help you increase productivity and profitability

About Us

ADS Digital Partner

ADS Digital Partner (PT Adma Digital Solusi) is an IT consulting company that was founded in 2019 based in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. We focus on presenting IT-based solutions for a better Indonesia in the future. Our startup lines, Donexpress, Panenpanen and Bisnisomall are continuously advancing the digital supply chain in sub-urban and rural areas.

Software Development
Supply Chain Improvement
Business Process Improvement
What we do

Established since 2019

Currently focusing on researching and developing digital supply chain management platforms from up to down for the agriculture and SME sectors with DoneXpress, PanenPanen, and Bisnisomall ecosystems to advance sub-urban and rural areas in Indonesia.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Solid Super Team
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Here are some frequently asked questions by clients

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What is ADS Digital Partner??

ADS Digital Partner (PT Adma Digital Solusi) is one of three holding companies consisting of PT ARM Solusi which is engaged in E-Office, and PT Infonika Parasa which was established in 2007 is engaged in the telecommunications sector. Our company is engaged in developing digital supply chains for the agriculture sector and MSMEs in Indonesia.

What services does ADS Digital Partner offer??

The services we offer are IT Consultants, Training Center, Startup Incubators and SaaS Products.

Where is ADS Digital Partner located??

Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei No.27 Kota Jakarta Selatan, Kel.Tebet, Kec. Tebet Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12810 (Cervino Village Apartment 1st Floor 1-J)

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